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We are a digital fashion house pushing the boundaries of fashion in the metaverse. 

Designed in Paris, made for the metaverse.

Our Story  👋

We are designers based in Paris who want to show the industry that fashion does not have to be physical to exist. We combine our years of experience in fashion, design and technology to create digital fashion for a sustainable future. 


We decided to pivot to digital fashion after witnessing the industry practises, and how it impacts the planet and people. With Kloner we are pioneering digital fashion from Paris to offer fashion experiences which are sustainable and are truely the future.


Head over to our sustainability page to learn more about our commitment to sustainability.

Meet the #klonerkrew


Anthony Browning

Co-founder ⚡️

Chief Metaverse Director


Ayush Singh


Co-founder ⚡️

Chief Metaverse Officer

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What we do 🚀

We are a Paris based studio creating fashion for the metaverse. We create digital fashion and experiences  which can be worn online on social media, games and in multi-verses. 

With our limited edition drops, we are also transitioning our digital looks to the blockchain with exclusive fashion NFT's.

Do want to create custom fashion NFT's or digital fashion?

Don't worry we got you. To create the fashion for the future, we help designers and brands transition from physical designs to digital fashion.


Reach out to us 📦

We are always looking for designers and brands to co-create and work with.

Merci for the message!

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