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Meta Genesis- The Beginning of Metaverse

Kloner MetaLog 1.0

To be really honest, for me to explain what Metaverse is and for you to visualise this concept, is going to be really, really tricky! Imagine us in the 80s and me telling you about something like the internet and if you would have never ever logged on to anything on internet, how could I have convinced you that with the help of a single click, you could access loads of information, you could download music and videos in under a minute, you would have considered me a lunatic because you would have never experienced like it before! Similarly, Metaverse is an upgraded version of the internet, the next evolution known as Web3 or Web3.0.

Ever since Facebook has rebranded itself as meta, the term “Metaverse” has been in the limelight. The core concept of Facebook’s new name “Meta” is inspired by the Metaverse that blends the physical and visual & augmented realities. So, what can you have in this Virtual world, the metaverse? You can have a home? an office, an entertainment zone or simply a chill zone to relax and meditate. The possibilities are endless. Metaverse is a place to live digitally.

To fully understand the Metaverse and experience it, we would typically would have to use technologies and devices like AR/VR tech. Metaverse is a gateway to a universe that is immersive and a massive 3D world with an infinite number of users, products, services and businesses where there is a continuous exchange of data between the users and the products. This possibility renders a real sense of our presence in the digital world.

Why is Meta important?

For the gen Z and the next gen, Metaverse is very important because it’s a place to hangout.

Just like how we millennials and the generation before us used to hang out at cafes and played football on the streets or just roam around the neighbourhood doing nothing and bike around doing nothing, metaverse gives the opportunity to live their regular lives naturally but in a digital form. The natural interaction in the future would be via platforms such as Spatial and not via WhatsApp or a video conference. Not even in person.

So, when you live digitally everything has to be there, Identity being the first and foremost thing.

Today in the world of Facebook, there is one identity, Instagram is another identity, twitter is another. There is no connection between these identities as such. Who we are on twitter can be completely different from who we are on Instagram. The people we follow and the ones who follow us can be totally different whereas in real life, there’s only one identity! Of course, there are different facets of personality. The interactions vary from person to person. The way we are with our partners is different from the way we are with our friends or with our parents but in the end, it’s the same person. So, the first thing we need in the Metaverse is the wholesome identity. That is where fashion comes in. The core part of the identity is the visual personality, i.e. the avatar.

The second part as to why Web3 and Metaverse are a big revolution now is because of the autonomy and control of the interactions. In real life, there’s some control over interactions compared to Facebook and Instagram where the rules are defined. All the rules are defined by centralised bodies. Will Metaverse too will have such rules, YES IT WILL! But primarily and for the most part of interactions will be in our hands, which is why Web3.0 and Metaverse is going to be big.

So, to break down the evolution, the first dawn of the internet was where it was all about peer to peer interactions where there was a lot of reading data available, where to connect to the internet, dial up connection was used and it took forever to download one page. Then came the Web2.0 where entities such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, etc. entered and they provided amazing UI/UX and to do so, they centralised everything. They set the rules. They took control in everything so much so that they even took away the users privacy to optimise and make the money out of it. Now there’s Web 3.0 where we already have learnt what UI/UX is, what the technology can do, how to use the data and more-over how to scale it.

Building up the Metaverse is about taking all that learning and go back and give the ownership and autonomy to the users. So now, the user is in control of the data and most importantly the interactions.

This leads us to the importance of NFTs. NFTs gives us a sense of ownership and why is it so important to have the ownership? It’s not important just for the stamp, but for the sense of autonomy of what we can do with it.

Fashion’s role in the Metaverse

As mentioned earlier, the first thing needed for the Metaverse is a wholesome identity. Digital fashion is one of the most important aspect of the Metaverse where 3d visual representation of garments are created in professional 3d applications such as Clo3d, Blender, etc. These outfits can’t be touched since they don’t exist in reality but can be used for a photo, for dressing up the digital avatar using AR, VR and other technologies that are developing rapidly. These digital garments provide us with an immense freedom of self-expression.

What's so cool about digital fashion?

Digital clothing and lifestyle accessories are bought to enhance the online experiences. Gamers buy digital clothes for their avatars, people bought backgrounds for meetings during the pandemic. Digital fashion allows the users to push the bounds of what you are able to do. We get shoes that are constantly changing their colour or they are burning and we get clothes that are Avant Garde which we probably would not wear in the real life but in the metaverse we can. In the metaverse, Fashion and lifestyle domains hold a very important place as we can push the realms of creativity.

So basically, Metaverse is all about living our regular lives on a regular basis but in a digital way. A digital world which has everything. As we at Kloner would like to call it, the “Kloned universe” - Real, physical to a digital one. From products and services to a digital marketplace.

Kloner is one of the first metaverse fashion studio in the world and the first one in Paris that is striving and thriving to push the boundaries of fashion in the metaverse. As the name “Kloner” suggests, our philosophy is to clone the physical world into a digital one!

With a combined experience of over 10 years in the industry of Fashion, Design and Technology, the Kloner crew has decided to contribute in the moulding of metaverse fashion for a more expansive experience and bring to the world a sustainable, current and immensely creative digital fashion and NFTs. While this entire concept of the digital world and digital fashion may seem just the talk of the town for now (believe me it feels that way sometimes!), the Kloner crew believes embracing the new era is going to be a competitive advantage since the world is evolving and so is the technology. The whole idea of interaction has fundamentally changed and we are going to witness that in the next decade.

As the co-founders at Kloner like to say outloud, “Out with the physical, in with the digital”, truly stands true to this time of age!


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Anshu Kumar
Anshu Kumar
Apr 24, 2022

informative .....


Vishal yadav
Vishal yadav
Apr 17, 2022

wow ! great info about the metaverse @ninja

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